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Friday, January 30, 2004
Meeting with Barnaby - 1-29
Picked up flyers and Hossler postcards for calling program.
1-30 JW - How many?
Discussed postcard mailers with Paul - he agreed he would print - we would send and pay postage.
He discussed a web site with me - similar to what he currently does with Tanning salons - this would be for car dealers - offering a variety of postcard direct mail campaigns and other marketing ideas - site is www.barnaby.com/tan - user name - tan - password - barnaby - JW to check out site and then we will discuss feasibility - Paul will host site through his system. We would design postcards and other marketing info for site. We would send out postcards to direct car dealers to this site. - Let me know when you have reviewed - would like to discuss over the weekend.
1-30 JW - I'd like us to host the site if we do it, I just think it would be a page routing thing. I'd like to know Paul's success with this and the tanning salons, i'm assuming it has been successful that is why he is recommending it. I'd like to see the cards that he sent out or whatever marketing materials he has used to make it successful

Eric sent 77 ways card to JW in PDF as he created it in Quark - Paul would like this to be smaller in size - like a pocket size - another item to discuss.

1-30 JW - What do you think the impression of this will be with dealers? I'm leaning to a larger booklet complete with graphics and cartoons. Give them something tangible for their money. "How To" manual. Also hide in some advertising message about what else we can do for the dealer as well as a credit to Barnaby for printing. Sure Barnaby would like that, and we'll like the 15%. But that would only work with larger format. Idea of the smaller format would be handy to keep with their cards to mail out as as a reference

Talked with Paul about he and JW talking direct about web site and things going on with car dealer promo - Paul okay with this. - think if we do it, having me be the middle person will slow down the process. JW - Yes
Paul and I put a date of April 30 to have the site up and running if we all agree it is doable.
You and I need to talk about the postcard series - again we design - Paul prints. He gave me the bus postcard and I will mail it to you - we did decide yesterday (JW - figured you two would come around!) that we probably should do one showing a card dealer for the packet I take on calls - didn't tell him you already did it so when we send Monday he will be impressed!
E post - Jan 30, 2004

Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Met with Paul Barnaby today - he wants to get the marketing materials complete - with Mike giving me two new towns - I will try to fit this into my calling for Feb.
Paul needs from us by Jan 26 -
pdf file uploaded to his FTP site for Drip Marketing Car Wash piece - both pages -(piece with faucet, what is the other?) (There are two pieces with the faucet - one about drip marketing - the other about the car wash coupon - he needs both)he will put this on front and back of marketing piece
PDF of Art Hostler new format card - with place for direct mail on back-(need you to tell me what it is here you want)He will do the 77 ways book - we just have to get his the 77 in order we want.
He will also work an additional marketing package of services for printing and assessment needs of car dealers for add on sales.
He will have completed marketing materials back to us by Jan 30.

Monday, January 19, 2004
Towns currently with Car Wash Dealer Coupons: Dixon, Canton, Mendota, Belvidere
Current towns working: Bloomington, Litchfield, Chillicothe
New Towns: Morris, Galva

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